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The predominant reason for seeking to file a class action is the efficiencies gained when a common cause of action and harm binds hundreds and sometimes thousands of claimants to pursue financial recovery and injunctive relief.
Successful recovery in California class action cases
These claims range from breaches of contract to common misrepresentations that effectively harm consumers and investors.
Class actions are often complex and time-intensive, we rigorously evaluate the merits of the potential action and discuss all the various scenarios with our clients including any responsibilities the client will have on behalf of a putative class. At times, an individual action may make more sense.
We handle numerous types of matters on behalf of:
  • Defrauded consumers
  • Investors
  • And policyholders
We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your potential matter. Find out more about the types of cases we litigate.
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Armed with years of experience, skill, and creative legal solutions, Manfred, APC welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your potential case and ensure it is handled with the care, thoughtfulness, and discretion it deserves.
Manfred, APC, can help with complex claims concerning financial loss, including:
  • Unfair Insurance Practices: Policyholder can be deprived of the benefits owed to them under their insurance policy whether it be an annuity, auto, home, or life policy as well as other types of policies such as accident & death. Many times, a breach of contract or breach of good faith & fair dealing can be a common thread of unfair practices affecting a class of policyholders.
  • Investment Fraud: Investment losses can involve the illegal sale of financial instruments as well as the failure to disclose fees, costs, and other terms that can eat away at expected investment returns. Many times, a common scheme or practice is at issue that may affect more than a single investor. We evaluate the underlying claims that led to the losses and craft potential individualized and class wide solutions with potential clients to help recover their losses.
  • Consumer Fraud: This type of fraud can happen when a company misrepresents or otherwise engages in deceptive sales practices that can result in consumers ending up paying more for a product or service than they otherwise would have or not purchased at all. Consumer fraud can also arise from banks, fin techs, and other financial institutions who violate consumer and financial statutes that result in consumers paying needless fees, interest, and other costs.

Not sure if you have a class action lawsuit case? Contact Manfred, APC today to discuss your potential claims and practical solutions that may be available to help you recover your losses or otherwise obtain benefits owed to you.

We routinely undertake case investigations into certain practices that may be resulting in financial losses for consumers, insurance policyholders, and investors.
Some of these case investigations are listed below:
  • Bank and fintech unfair practices
  • Mortgage forbearance fees and costs
  • Total loss claims on an auto insurance policy


Unfortunately, electronic bank account fraud and unauthorized transactions occur more frequently than they should. However, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act commonly known as the EFTA is a federal consumer protection statute that requires banks and fintech companies to follow certain timelines and procedures when an accountholder alerts them of stolen funds.

Some banks and fintech companies fail to follow the EFTA requirements and as a result, many accountholders are left without access to funds that were taken by a third party without their authorization.

If you had funds taken from your account without authorization and the bank or fintech has not followed proper procedures and timelines under the EFTA to investigate your claim after you have reported the stolen funds, you may have a legal claim including potential statutory damages under the EFTA. Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to discuss your potential matter and possible recourse available to you.


Home ownership comprises the most prized asset for many people. Several homeowner protection and consumer finance protection measures exist to help owners when problems arise with their lender. The CARES Act of 2020 provided numerous protections for homeowners with a federally backed mortgage and many of these protections have continued into 2021.

These measure generally not only include forbearance of monthly mortgage payments if the borrower has requested it but moreover, no fees, penalties or interest are to be added to your account beyond what was scheduled prior to the forbearance. Moreover, homeowners did not have to submit documentation of their hardship.
You might have a claim if you suspect you may have been charged:

  • Interest
  • Fees
  • Other costs during forbearance
  • Or asked to submit documentation of financial hardship

Contact us to discuss what fees or interest was levied on your mortgage if you were in forbearance and we can evaluate your loan documents, forbearance agreement to determine if you may have remedies to pursue recover of these fees and costs.


If you were involved in a car accident and your California vehicle was totaled and your insurance company did not pay you for all taxes and title transfer fees, the company may be in breach of contract. In some cases, car owners have had to pay thousands of dollars in these fees when their insurance company should have covered them.

The actual cash value of your vehicle includes taxes and fees. Other issues include the denial of benefits such as failure to pay for a total loss when the vehicle can’t be returned to a “like” reasonable pre-accident condition as a result of the severity of the crash.
If you feel this may have happened to you, reach out to Manfred, APC, to:
  • Discuss your potential claims
  • Evaluate the terms of your auto insurance policy
  • And gauge remedies that may be available to you and possibly other policyholders


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