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How Fast Should an Insurance Claim Process?

One of the ways an insurance company may perpetrate fraud is by stalling the claims process and avoiding any decision on your claim. It can help you to assess the situation better by understanding how long the process should take.

Trusted Choice explains the insurance claims process for a home insurance claim may be quick or take months. There are various factors that can impact the length of the process. The law does dictate your insurer must close the claim within a timely manner, but there are still valid reasons why it may take a long time.

Deadlines and communication

The insurance company will need feedback from you along the way. You should pay attention to any requests and deadlines. Make sure you get information to the company as soon as possible. If you have trouble providing something, then speak to your agent. Make sure you never let the lines of communication drop as this can slow down the process.

Situation and demand

If your claim results due to a natural disaster, then you can expect the process to take longer. There are likely many other people making claims similar to yours. The company will have high demand, which naturally means things move more slowly.

Size of loss and investigation

If your home is a total loss, it will take longer to process the claim than if you only had a partial loss. This is because the company will have to do more work to close the claim. It will have a deeper investigation as well since you will be making a larger claim.

You should pay attention throughout the claims process to ensure the company is continually working to move your claim along.




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