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“Manfred communicated with me throughout the entire process.”

I’m an attorney who found himself as a plaintiff in complex consumer class action. Honestly, that type of case is outside my practice field and I was really nervous about being one of the actual plaintiffs. Thankfully, I turned to Manfred for representation. I’m happy that I did. The case was indeed complex, and lengthy, as I feared it would be, but Manfred took control and led me through it. I really appreciated how he communicated with me throughout the entire process. I can tell it was about more than just winning the case, although that was really important too. Manfred wanted to make sure that I, as his client, felt comfortable throughout the case with everything that was going on, including depositions. And I was, thanks to him. I was also very happy with the ultimate financial resolution that was obtained for myself and other class members. Thank you Manfred!

– Kostan L.